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Teen Titans "More Songs, Less Music" 7" EP

Out of Print

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Teen Titans
"More Songs, Less Music" 7" EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 707

Teen Titans had created their own unique genre of "kiddie punk," appropriating everything from Huggy Bear to Wire to the Pixies on this fun, catchy, hilarious debut record. Several years later, the Scottish group Bis (self-proclaimed Teen Titans fans) became internationally famous with a similar sound.

Amazingly, this EP held NINE songs and was originally released on singer Phillip Niemeyer's small imprint, My Papa's Leg Records in late 1994. The original release had at least four different sleeves with artwork created by each member of the band. When Peek-A-Boo Records re-issued the 7" in 1996, Phillip's cover art was used for the entire pressing.

Although the single has been out of print for many years, these songs are finally widely available again as digital downloads from iTunes and eMusic.

Release Date:  September 3, 1996

Track Listing
1.  Teen Titans SK 
2.  Yuck! 
3.  Bug Bite 
4.  Serpenteena 
5.  Popsicle 
6.  UTPD Killer 
7.  Happy Scientist 
8.  BMX Hardcore Deth Gang 
9.  We Rök, U Sük 

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