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Black Lipstick "Converted Thieves: Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition" CD


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Black Lipstick
"Converted Thieves: Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition" CD
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 1212 CD

On their debut album, Black Lipstick tackles the great themes: gettin' some, gettin' by and gettin' off. Thankfully, it's done with the fiery passion, biting wit and blazing riffage these lofty subjects deserve.

Musically, the album swaggers from dark choogle to incandescent shimmer to soaring guitorchestra — a dynamic only achieved with instruments motored by human movement. Solos simultaneously hit wrong notes and carve symphonies. Drums patter a rhythm that heartbeats would envy.

Lyrically, "Converted Thieves" is a voice from the present urging one to live in the now. Low puns mesh with high motives to craft a tone that is serious for its refusal to take itself seriously. It's a serious record that seriously wails.

As promised in the opening track slash mission statement, Black Lipstick will uplift you higher. So roll the windows down and turn the AC on. This is one for the Jeeps, for the walkmans and for the summers that last 20 years.

This was Black Lipstick's first release with bassist Steve Garcia, who joined the band one month prior to the recording.

2013 Deluxe Edition features:
  • All ten of the original tracks exactly as they originally appeared on the original album
  • One unlisted bonus track, exactly as it appeared on the original album
  • Reproduced from the original 2003 master, exactly as it was originally mastered
  • Original artwork by Phillip Niemeyer, reproduced exactly as it appeared on the original album
  • Full-color, 8-panel booklet printed with the actual techniques and equipment that were standard in 2003
  • Original retail pricing stickers, exactly as they appeared on the original release in stores
  • Original 2003 shrink-wrap
  • Original vintage air shrink-wrapped into the CD package in 2003
  • Original vintage dust from Peek-A-Boo Records warehouse
  • Modern digital download produced with 2013 technology
  • Download includes 24 minutes of previously unreleased rehearsal outtakes and jams

Release Date:  April 22, 2003

Track Listing
1.  Voodoo Economics 
2.  Serpentz  MP3
3.  Hot Sinners  MP3
4.  Ease Back 
5.  Corporate Happy Hour 
6.  Yesterday's Horoscope Was Right 
7.  Dirges Are Downers 
8.  The Memorial Day Miracle 
9.  Texas Women 
10.  Self-Centered & Determined 
11.  Bonus Tracks (unlisted track) 
12.  White Jazz/Voodoo Economics/Silence of the Jambs 
13.  WWDYD/Our Gilded Thrones/The Sick Synths 

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