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The Octopus Project
The Octopus Project
Palaxy Tracks
Palaxy Tracks

Peek-A-Boo Alumni
Black Lipstick
Twenty years behind but fifty years ahead, kids will dig them long after they're dead.

Drake Tungsten
Britt Daniel from Spoon at home with a four-track, circa 1996.

Junior Varsity
Non-stop sock-hop rock to make you move your torso a little more so.

The Kiss Offs
Amps cranked & souls bared in testimony to almighty Rock'n'Roll.

Knife in the Water
Austin's zero-gravity ambassadors, sending country music into space.

The Prima Donnas
Sophistocated synth-punk by our witty lads from Sussex UK.

Silver Scooter
Nostalgic pop to make you feel better when you're feeling bitter.

Out on the Texas highway, waitin' for the kid to come out.

Super XX Man
Scott Garred from Silver Scooter reveals his country-tinged counterpart.

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