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Spoon "30 Gallon Tank" 7" EP

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"30 Gallon Tank" 7" EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 716

Spoon has always had a knack for writing an essentially classic pop song, then weirding it up in the studio. The band's B sides are better than most bands' A sides, and this EP is a prime example, with one track from "A Series of Sneaks" and a peculiar re-mix of "Car Radio" on the first side and two otherwise unavailable gems on the flip.

"Revenge" is a sparse sleeper with terse vocals over tough drums and a creepy backwards organ. "I Could Be Underground," originally released by Britt's solo project Drake Tungsten in 1996, is haunting and beautiful, with Beatle-esque vocal melodies and a soaring guitar anti-solo.

Includes promo code for free MP3 downloads.

Release Date:  May 5, 1998

Track Listing
1.  30 Gallon Tank 
2.  Car Radio (different mix) 
3.  Revenge  MP3
4.  I Could Be Underground  MP3

» TrouserPress (09/01/1998)
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