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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spoon album details, band gossip

The tracklisting and July 10th release date for Spoon's highly-anticipated sixth full-length album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, have already been widely reported, and SXSW attendees lucky enough to get into Spoon's showcase (with the Stooges!) got a sneak preview of several new tracks. For those less fortunate, video footage has made its way up onto YouTube.

Also during SXSW, Spoon keyboardist Eric Harvey was spotted with British sensation Amy Winehouse enough times to have some insiders questioning the status of his long-standing bachelorhood. Gimme fact or gimme fiction? It's certainly no stranger than sighting Britt Daniel backstage with Flavor Flav.

The Stooges aren't the only big name to share the marquee with Spoon this year. A series of shows and festivals leading up to the new release includes dates with The Beastie Boys, The Police, Wilco, The White Stripes and The Flaming Lips, culminating in a show in Detroit with Weird Al Yankovic.

Spoon in the studio

The Octopus Project finishes third album

The Octopus Project just finished recording a third album for Peek-A-Boo Records at Seattle's Bear Creek Studio. The new record will feature 14 of the 16 tracks recorded in the session, including “An Evening with Rththa,” “Moon Boil,” “Queen” and crowd favorite, “Truck.” According to band member Josh Lambert, the new record features lots of theremin, in many cases layered and harmonized to create a “theremin orchestra.” “It'll rip your face off,” says Lambert.

While the band's previous record featured a variety of guest musicians, the new recordings were performed almost exclusively by the core trio, with two rather large exceptions. Apparently, a couple of celebrity musicians stopped by the studio one day on unrelated business and ended up lending their skills to not one but TWO Octopus Project songs. See if you can identify them in the photo below.

Yvonne, Eric, Josh, Lionel, Toto

The Octopus Project leaves tomorrow to play a couple of dates at the Spring Scream Festival in Kenting, Taiwan, and the yet-untitled album is slated for release in late Summer or early Fall of this year.
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