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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silver Scooter @ SXSW 2009?

Reunions can be so bittersweet. It's been a long time. What if doesn't work? What if the spark is gone? What if it's just... weird? Do you even want to dig up those feelings again? I mean, you're a different person now. You've grown. How could it be the same? And yet... won't you always wonder? Maybe you could just go — no strings attached — and just see how it goes. You know, just enjoy the moment. It could be nice. Maybe you've both changed for the better. It could be good... It could be amazing.

In the late-'90s, Silver Scooter provided us with the songs that made us feel better when we were feeling bitter — a soundtrack filled with melody and melancholy for those lonely nights when regret set in at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night. All things must pass, though, and Silver Scooter said "Goodbye" eight years ago, when singer/guitarist Scott Garred sang, "I want to live in another town, uh-huh," and moved to Portland.

Next month, however, you'll have an opportunity to reminisce about the old-time slugs in a dirty little bar in downtown Austin, because the fine folks at Slip Productions and Lovitt Records have managed to talk the boys of Silver Scooter into getting the band back together for a one-off show during SXSW. On Saturday, March 21st, Slip + Lovitt will be throwing a day party with 17 bands on both stages of Transmission Entertainment's new venue, The Radio Room. Silver Scooter goes on at 2:45 p.m. on the big stage, but the club is sure to fill up fast, so come early.

This is not an official SXSW event, so SXSW badges are not required for entry and will not get you any special privileges. There will be a suggested donation of $10 at the door. If you want to be on the paid reserve list, you can go ahead and send $10 to via PayPal. Those who do will get a show poster and other goodies.

I think it's gonna feel good... like an old lover should.

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