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Friday, August 01, 2008

Peel self-releases new August Exhaust Pipes EP

Peel - August Exhaust Pipes EP

Peel recently completed a new collection of songs called August Exhaust Pipes. The drunken country swagger of "Selling Shadows" and driving raucous shuffle of "Famous Noises" extend the energetic, fuzzy sounds introduced on the band's eponymous album, which Magnet Magazine described as a "beautiful mess of a debut," while the cool tranquility of "Trenchula" and "Exhaust Pipes" shows the band stretching its legs a little. As its title might infer, this five-song EP makes the perfect soundtrack for enduring the sweaty traffic on a blazing hot Austin afternoon and making your way out to a nearby swimming hole to chill out with a cooler full of beer. True to the band's DIY nature, the EP was self-recorded, self-produced and self-released in extremely limited copies and distributed only at shows. In fact, the CDs may already be sold out, but the band has also posted the MP3s for anyone to stream or download.

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