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Monday, March 17, 2008

New Spoon video: You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

Spoon - You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

Spoon has just released an incredible new video for "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb," arguably the best track off Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. If the visual style looks familiar, you recognize the work of former Black Lipstick singer/guitarist Phillip Niemeyer, who co-directed and animated the video along with digital media artist Ryan Junell.

Phillip has been a Peek-A-Boo artist in more ways than one for many years. In addition to performing with Black Lipstick, The Kiss Offs & Teen Titans, he's designed many posters and album covers, including these:

PeelSincerely, Black LipstickThe Prima Donnas

Phillip is now a designer in New York and makes up 1/3 of the Brooklyn-based design studio Double Triple, while Ryan Junell is a media director and digital artist extraordinaire living in San Francisco.

» You Got Yr Cherry Bomb video
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