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Monday, October 15, 2007

Peek-A-Boo Records moving sale!

Austin to LA

Peek-A-Boo Records has been supporting independent music in Austin for over twelve years with the mission of bringing national and international attention to Texas artists. Now that Town Lake has a monument to Stevie Ray Vaughan, the city has been decorated with "art guitars," Spoon has performed on Saturday Night Live and Austin is finally reknown globally as the "Live Music Capital of the World," we feel our job here is done. It's time for us to move on and bring aid to another struggling music scene. For that reason, Peek-A-Boo HQ will be relocating to Los Angeles at the end of the month.

We've heard some great things about this emerging desert town located just West of Phoenix where I-10 meets the Pacific Coast, and our A&R scouts have already signed several of LA's hottest underground bands. We are very excited about the 2008 Peek-A-Boo roster, so keep your ears peeled as we introduce artists such as Juliette and the Licks, Modern West, The Sharks, The Bacon Brothers, 30 Seconds to Mars and The Bruce Willis Blues Band.

Meanwhile, hauling extra boxes of older titles across the country is both a physical and financial burden. To help lighten the load, we've placed most of the label's back-catalog on sale at clearance prices until October 31st. Enjoy!

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