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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Octopus Project "Hello, Avalanche" now available on iTunes

The Octopus Project - Hello, AvalancheThe Octopus Project's third proper studio album, Hello, Avalanche, is now available on iTunes, three weeks in advance of the official October 16th release date. The band is currently midway through a massive, three-month tour, so opportunities to see the band perform the new material abound. The L.A. Record recently went on record after an L.A. appearance, saying the "experimental band sent sensational energy pulsating through the crowd," and The Octopus Project has certainly risen to the challenge of capturing that energy and creativity in the studio. From gentle vibes and heavenly Theremin choirs to jaunty basslines and electro-static glitch-grooves to a wailing din of dying guitars and break-neck percussion, Hello, Avalanche is indeed a welcome disaster, an enchanting sonic cataclysm.

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