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Monday, January 22, 2007

Peek-A-Boo Records receives Kick-Ass Award

The Kick-Ass AwardSeveral weeks ago I was invited to attend the 2007 Austin Kick-Ass awards ceremony at Book People with friends, and much to my surprise, I was awarded one myself for running Peek-A-Boo Records all these years.

The Kick-Ass Awards were created several years ago by Austin author, documentarian and compulsive knitter Spike Gillespie to recognize "cool people who do great things" in the community. Past recipients include The Soup Peddler, filmmaker Lisa Kaselak, Matt the Electrician and many others. Now an annual event, Gillespie accepts nominations throughout the year and hosts the awards on her birthday in January.

My nomination came from previous Kick-Ass Award recipient (and good friend) Kristen Scott, who gave a very funny speech highlighting some of the trials and tribulations of struggling to maintain a professional public appearance while operating a business out of my home. In particular, I was embarassed/amused when she recounted this anecdote:

One Saturday morning back when Travis operated Peek-A-Boo out of his West Campus efficiency apartment, a teenage girl and her father showed up on his doorstep after driving into town hoping to tour the illustrious Peek-A-Boo Records. Travis, who I like to picture wearing his pajamas, drinking a beer, politely obliged and thus taught them the ever-important lesson that things you find on the Internet are not necessarily what they seem.

Thanks, Kristen, Spike and Austin!
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