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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Octopus Project & Palaxy Tracks Join Forces

In one of the most unexpected displays of Peek-A-Boo Records incest to date, Palaxy Tracks frontman Brandon Durham will move back to Austin in March to join The Octopus Project, and in turn the Octopii will back him on the next Palaxy Tracks record.

The Octopus Palaxy Project
The Octopus Project had been looking for a new guitarist while Palaxy Tracks was also undergoing line-up changes, and Brandon, slightly homesick for Austin, was seeking an excuse to leave Chicago.

Brandon reports, "I already have 12 songs for the next record and was thinking about working with other people. I was essentially gearing up to ask Josh [Lambert] if The Octopus Project would play on my next record. But instead, Josh asked me first."

Josh, one of The Octopus Project's three multi-instrumentalists, adds, "We're all incredibly excited. Brandon is a fantastic musician and a great person, and we couldn't be happier."

Palaxy Tracks will perform a few more shows in Chicago and Austin with the current members before Brandon relocates to Austin in time for SXSW and The Octopus Project's upcoming 60-date US tour.

Although sharing members, the two bands will remain distinct entities, and both will begin working on new albums for Peek-A-Boo Records this summer.
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