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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Twist Like This 7" in John Peel's Time Capsule

There's been a lot of press recently about a small, battered wooden box in which John Peel kept a stash of 142 singles that meant the most to him out of his personal collection of 25,000+ records (not including CDs).

Junior Varsity's Matt Murillo was as surprised as anyone to learn that the first 7" he released on his Twist Like This Records label in 1995 was among them, and had this to say about it when he found out: "Holy SHIT!"

Meow 7", Twist Like This RecordsThe full list reveals a semi-eclectic mix of soul, punk, reggae and rock'n'roll. Ranking #67 in the alphabetical list is a six-song debut 7" by Meow, an all-girl punk trio from Vancouver BC that featured Tobey Black on guitar/vox, CC Hammond on bass/vox and then unknown Neko Case on drums.

CC was (and still is) the sister of Kim Hammond, Matt's girlfriend (now wife) and bandmate in Junior Varsity. Only 500 copies of the pink vinyl Meow 7" were pressed, and the band later released an album on Mint Records after changing its name to Maow. Neko Case is of course well known for her successful solo career as the premiere indie-country crooner.

Twist Like This went on to release several other vinyl singles throughout the '90s for Junior Varsity, The 1-4-5s and Japanese garage-rockers Panther.
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