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Reviews of "Drugs Sex & Discotheques"

Otto answers Pointless Questions
in Splendid E-zine (2002)

Gonna Get You LAID!
AudioGalaxy.com (10/00)

Regan's Dead!
San Francisco Bay Guardian (03/00)

The Wild Boys Are Calling
Rocket Fuel (12/99)

The Prima Donnas as Pop Sensations
Fan term paper (Spring 1998)

New Wave Schtick of the '90s
The Austin Chronicle (07/21/97)

Storming Austin
The Austin American-Statesman (04/24/97)

Pop Culture Press (1997)

Prima Donnas Will Infect Your Brain
The Daily Texan (03/06/97)

Prima Donnas Feature
Austin360.com (08/10/96)

The Prima Donnas
A Prima Donnas fan site.

Prima Donnas Forum
From the Kill Rock Stars site.

Prima Donnas Fact Sheet
From Kill Rock Stars site.

Nikki Holiday

Peek-A-Boo Records