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"But I'm Horny" 7" (Ringodisc, 1994)
"Trapped in a Ruby (Let Some Ugliness In)" LP (Rhythm Turkey, 1994)
"Hairless Youth of Japan" 12" EP (Rock Records Japan, 1995)
"B.O.D.Y.H.E.A.T." LP (Euro-No-No, 1995)
"U.K.'s OK" compilation (Brighton Beat, 1996)
"Live on KVRX Radio" cassette (Golden Hour, 1997)
The Prima Donnas/The Hammicks split 7" (Big Jerk, 1997)
"Rotating Parts" compilation (Propeller Records, 1997)
"Live at the Wet Baby" LP (bootleg, 1998)
"She Had Alien Written All Over Her" 7" (Peek-A-Boo, 1998)
"Roses, Roses, Roses" 12" single (Euro-No-No, 1998)
"New Wave Explosion" compilation LP (Super-8, 1998)
"Abuse Your Friends Vol. 2: This Might Excite You" compilation (Abuse, 1999)
"Head Full of Pills" 7" (Kill Rock Stars, 1999)
"...Present Their Amazing Songs" 7" (Paintcan Chandelierier, 2000)
"The Peek-A-Boo Book of Spells" compilation LP (Peek-A-Boo, 2001)
"Live" CD (Business Deal Entertainment, 2001)
"Drugs, Sex & Discotheques" LP (Peek-A-Boo, 2001)

Otto, Julius, Nikki
Otto, Julius, Nikki

Peek-A-Boo Records