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Junior Varsity "Ice Cream Social" 7" EP

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Junior Varsity
"Ice Cream Social" 7" EP
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 709

This revolutionary garage pop trio took back the streets of Houston and made them safe again for block parties and sock hops. JV served up goofy '60s pop with clean jangle guitars and female vox, singing about hot rods and ice cream. Jump aboard the JV express as it careens towards a malt shop near you!

This was Junior Varsity's debut single, recorded in Vancouver BC at JC/DC Studios.

Release Date:  September 3, 1996

Track Listing
1.  Two Scoops 
2.  Wizz-Bang Boy 
3.  The Waitress 
4.  Hot Rod  (Lawrence/Collins)
5.  La Tapatia 

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