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The Kiss Offs "Bottle Blonde" 7"

Out of Print

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The Kiss Offs
"Bottle Blonde" 7"
Peek-A-Boo Records
BOO 714

Just try and wash this record out of your hair. With influences everywhere from The Velvet Underground to New Order, The Kiss Offs combined elements of punk, garage and pop for their own bleeding-heart, go-for-broke, new wave rock'n'roll.

On their second release, "Bottle Blonde" is a pop gem for anyone who's bleached their hair to forget a lost love, and the B-side kicks out the jams with two dissonant punk songs.

Although the vinyl is long out of print, these songs are finally widely available again as digital downloads from iTunes and eMusic.

Release Date:  February 14, 1998

Track Listing
1.  Bottle Blonde 
2.  The Kiss That Kills 
3.  Sister, Those Cigarettes 

» Splendid Magazine (05/18/1998)
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